What You Should Know About Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, consider choosing pastel colors. The spring time colors will help you year round.

What You Should Know About Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

22 May 2023
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Your kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen. They say a lot about the style of your kitchen, as well as a lot about you. If your kitchen cabinets are a bit unsightly, your entire kitchen is going to appear unsightly. If your cabinets are not in too bad of shape, you may be able to have them refinished by a professional company, or you can refinish them yourself. You need to prep your cabinets and take the appropriate steps in order to prevent issues during the refinishing process so that you end up with the look you are trying to achieve. Read on for some things you should know about if you are attempting to refinish your kitchen cabinets yourself.

Strip The Old Varnish

If your cabinets are varnished, you need to strip the varnish off of your cabinets to ensure the paint or new stain adheres properly to the cabinets. To strip off the old varnish, you can sand them down, or you can use a paint stripper/thinner to remove the old varnish. A cleaner such as TSP can also remove varnish from your cabinets. Be sure whatever product you use, that you follow the manufacturer's instructions, and apply it evenly to your cabinets for a smooth finish when you begin painting or staining.

Fill In Imperfections

You need to fill in imperfections on your cabinets, or the old holes where your old knobs or drawer pulls were located. Fill in gaps or other imperfections that you have on your cabinet doors or the cabinets themselves, using wood fill. Sand down the wood fill once it's dry for a smooth finish.

Apply Primer If Painting

If you are painting your cabinets, you should consider using a primer to prevent anything from seeping through your paint job and to ensure your paint adheres properly to the cabinets. Apply the primer evenly with smooth strokes, or you can spray them with a paint sprayer. Using a paintbrush and roller may help ensure it is applied evenly, especially if you don't have a lot of experience with a paint sprayer.

Stain Or Paint

Apply your stain or paint after you are finished with the priming process. You can stain after cleaning and repairing your cabinets. Apply the stain using a clean rag, rubbing the stain into the cabinets in smooth, even coats. Apply more than one coat if the stain is not as dark as you would prefer. If you are painting, apply it with a paintbrush and roller, use even strokes, and apply the paint evenly to prevent seeing drip marks or brush strokes. Blend in the paint with the roller and apply more than one coat if necessary for the coverage you are looking to achieve.

If your kitchen cabinets look a bit unsightly, you should consider refinishing them. This can be a big job, hire a professional painter to do all of this work for you. 

For more info about cabinet refinishing, contact a local company. 

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