Can You Spray Paint Your Home?

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, consider choosing pastel colors. The spring time colors will help you year round.

Can You Spray Paint Your Home?

3 May 2022
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If you need to add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls of your home, you may want to do the job quickly to save time. But if you don't what type of paint to use for your home, you may put off hiring a painting company to help you do the job. Spray paint may be the best type of paint for your needs. Learn more about spray paint and how you can use it to paint your home quickly below.

Can You Really Spray Paint Your Home?

Many people spray paint their bicycles, cars, outdoor furnishings, and tables. However, you can also use spray paint to freshen up the exterior walls of your home. Exterior wall spray paint may be quicker and easier to use than traditional can paint. 

Painting companies use different methods to spray paint homes, including the airless paint method. The airless paint method requires painters to airbrush walls and other surfaces. Airless paint leaves a smooth, clean finish after it dries. 

The tool, or sprayer gun, used to airbrush surfaces looks similar to a thin water hose. The sprayer gun attaches to a large machine that contains just enough paint to coat several surfaces at a time. The machine will stop spraying or shut off once it becomes empty inside. Painters will refill the machine if needed.

The airless spray paint method can be a good option for exterior walls of all kinds, including stucco and siding. If you think spray painting is an option for you, contact a painting company soon.

How Do You Schedule Your Painting Job?

Spray painting requires the same or similar considerations as traditional can paint. A painting company will most likely paint your home when the weather is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. You don't want to paint your home when the weather is too hot or too cold outside. The paint won't set or dry well in extremely hot and cold temperatures. If needed, a painter will wait until the weather's just right before they paint your walls.

In addition to the important information above, a painting company will need you to choose the color, texture, and style of your paint. You can always look over a paint guide to help you select the right spray paint for your walls.

You can learn more about exterior spray paint and how to apply it to your home by contacting an exterior painting company today.

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