Roof Coating Might Be a Good Alternative to Getting a New Roof

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Roof Coating Might Be a Good Alternative to Getting a New Roof

10 April 2019
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If it's time to start thinking about a new roof for your home, you may want to look into roof coating instead. A roof coating can extend the life of your current roof and a coating costs much less than a new roof. There are a few options in roof coatings, such as silicone and acrylic, and they can be applied over nearly any type of roof. Here's why you might decide to choose this option over buying a new roof.

Roof Coating Eliminates the Need to Tear off a Roof

A roof coating is sprayed or rolled on your current roof so there is no need to tear off the old roof. This saves on costs and it also keeps the waste out of your local landfill. If your home already has two layers of roofing on it, then local codes may require that you tear off the entire roof before you add a new layer. However, since a coating is more like paint than heavy roofing, your codes may allow your roof to be coated, even with two layers. 

Coating Could Keep Your Home Cooler

If you choose a white coating, then it will reflect the sun so your house doesn't get as hot in the summer. This might enable you to keep your air conditioner off except on the hottest days. Even if you have to still use your AC daily, by having a cooler house, your air conditioner will have an easier time keeping you comfortable, and that might reduce your power bill.

Coating Reduces the Risk of Leaking

Coatings are good for all roof slopes, but they are especially helpful for flat roofs since the coatings are waterproof. Silicone, for example, doesn't absorb water at all, so even ponding water isn't an issue when it comes to leaks. Roof coatings are applied in liquid form so when they dry, they create a continuous blanket of protection for your roof that has no seams. This eliminates areas where leaks can develop. The coatings are also strong so they resist damage from foot traffic and branches that have the potential to wear down the coating to cause a leak.

A Coating Is a Good Temporary or Permanent Solution

A roof coating doesn't last forever, but once it wears out, it can be reapplied. This makes a coating a permanent solution for your home if that's what you want. However, if you just need a coating for a few years until you can save to have a new roof put on, then a coating also makes an excellent temporary choice that will keep your old roof from leaking until you can afford to replace it.

Roof coating is also easy to maintain since it doesn't get much damage. You can even hose off the coating to keep it clean and free of leaf debris. Your roof can be old, but you may need to make certain types of repairs before a coating can be put on, depending on if your roof has serious damage. Call a team like to learn more about residential roof coatings. 

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