How To Paint Clean, Straight Lines

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, consider choosing pastel colors. The spring time colors will help you year round.

How To Paint Clean, Straight Lines

11 September 2015
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The key to a great interior paint job is making sure your lines are as straight and clean as possible. It can often be the trickiest and most time consuming part of the entire paint job. This article explains a smart technique for achieving clean, straight lines when cutting out.

What You Need For the Job

To perform this technique you will need painter's tape (2" or wider), a level, yardstick, and lightweight spackle.

Taping Straight Lines

In order to apply the tape straight and level you will need work carefully. You can usually follow the lines along the corners of the walls. However, on some walls, there might not be any corner or barrier between two rooms that you want to paint different colors. So, you might need to use the level and yard stick to tape off a straight line in the middle of a wall. Hold the yard stick where you want the line to be while using the level. Once the stick is perfectly placed, you can tape both ends to the wall. Then, you can apply the tape along the line of the yard stick. Remove the yard stick from the wall, and repeat the process as you move along.

Spackling over the Tape

In order to get cleaner lines, you need to use the lightweight spackle. Just spread the spackle across the tape, over the line your are going to paint. Use your fingertips to spread the spackle as thinly as possible. You just want the spackle to fill in the tiny gaps and bumps from the drywall texture. Do not leave behind thick chunks of spackle.

You can then paint over the tape as you normally would. You do not even need to wait for the spackle to dry. You can paint over the spackle as soon as you are ready. The spackle will seal the tape line and ensure a cleaner line when you pull the tape off of the wall. Without spackle, there is a good chance that paint will seep underneath the tape. You cannot always trust painter's tape to do its job.

This simple process will ensure that you get the best lines possible. This will take a little extra time, but it is the best way to get professional lines. You might end up spending more time cutting out the edges than you will painting the rest of the wall. Your entire paint job will look more professional if your lines are nice and straight, so take your time cutting out.

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