How To Prepare Your Exterior For Painting With A Spray Gun

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, consider choosing pastel colors. The spring time colors will help you year round.

How To Prepare Your Exterior For Painting With A Spray Gun

20 March 2015
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Painting your home exterior will change the identity of your home. It will make it look newer, fresher and more stylish. Best of all, it will make your home stand out from all others in the neighborhood. This can be hugely beneficial, especially if you plan on selling your home any time soon. You will instantly increase the curb appeal of your property with an exterior paint job.

Painting your exterior is a great home remodel, but it is not as simple as painting interior walls. It is important that you understand that the process will be more expensive, time consuming, and exhausting. That being said, it is a home remodel that does not require many rare tools or specific construction skills. So, it is ideal for many DIYers with ambition.

Using a Spray Gun

The key to painting your home exterior is learning how to operate a spray gun. You can paint your exterior with paintbrushes and rollers, but this is only a good idea if you have over 5 people painting. Otherwise, the job takes way too long if you are just using rollers. Painting with a spray gun is fast and easy.

The most time consuming part of using a spray gun is taping off and masking the area you are painting. For exterior painting it is best to use large sheets of lightweight plastic. You can adhere tape to the edge of the plastic to create a perfect seal when you tape off your windows and doors. You also have to worry about overspray traveling and getting on the ground around your home. Overspray can stain your pavement, kill plants and grass, and even get on your neighbors' property.

If you want an extra level of protection against overspray you can drape painter's plastic from the roof line of your home to the floor. Be aware that these large sheets of plastic can be problematic if you try to paint on a windy days. The tape will tear right away from the roofline and your overspray will get all over the place. In fact, never use a spray gun outside when it is windy. To cover your ground and walkways you might want to use painter's cloth drops. These will absorb any spilled paint and prevent you from spreading paint around if you walk on it.

Despite all of this extra preparation, using a pneumatic spray gun will give you the most professional results in the shortest amount of time. For more information, talk to a professional like Northwest House Painting.

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