Should You Paint Your Building Black?

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, consider choosing pastel colors. The spring time colors will help you year round.

Should You Paint Your Building Black?

13 January 2021
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Commercial painters can paint your building any color you wish, but is black the right color to choose? Certainly black is an eye-catching color because it's commanding and in the marketing world, black means just what you want to convey: strength, power, confidence, and authority.

Black is a great color for a building if the owner of the business wishes to promote their brand as one of power. Black is a color that is technically a hue since it is the absence of color. The shade appealing, but you should consider many things before painting your entire building black. Since black is such a noticeable color and doesn't leave much room for error, you want smooth and even coatings done by commercial painters who have experience using large canvases.

Here are things to consider before you paint your building black. Done correctly, black can be an excellent choice in color schemes for your business.

Do you want any accompanying colors?

The good news is, black matches nearly any color well, with the exception of brown. If you want to convey confidence and power but also want to make your building more dimensional and eye-catching, consider painting your building black while making the entryway something complementary, like dark gray or a rich blue. This way, the black color of your building can still be the main hue while not being the only color you use in your building's exterior. Your painting contractors can show you several shades of black that can work for your building, including finishes like matte or satin.

Do you have a large enough building?

Since black is so dark, it can make a smaller building look smaller and diminished if you choose this rich hue. However, if you have a larger building, black can have the opposite effect and actually help make the building look larger and more commanding. If your building has the size for it, make black your hue of choice. If your building is smaller, go with a slightly lighter shade of black or allow your commercial painting service to paint just one side or the back of the building black for added effect without being overpowering.

Black can work for your business to make the building stand out in the right ways. Discuss your budget, paint color needs, and other ideas with your commercial painters. Black may work for your structure to give it the allure you're looking for.

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