Painting Your Ceiling To Make The Room Appear Taller

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, consider choosing pastel colors. The spring time colors will help you year round.

Painting Your Ceiling To Make The Room Appear Taller

23 March 2015
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Do you have small rooms, or rooms with low ceilings in your home? Do you want to make those rooms appear taller than they really are? If so, you can accomplish this with a little paint and some effort. Here, you will learn how to make your ceilings appear higher by using some paint.

To complete this project you will need:

  • Paint
  • Rollers, trays and brushes
  • Painter's tape
  • Ladder or step stool
  • Drop cloths
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

Choose the Color

The color you choose should be something that you like, that is a lighter shade and one that will coordinate with the rest of your décor. The reason for using lighter colors is that they can actually make the room appear larger than it is. Dark shades in small spaces can make it feel more confined.

Note: You will be painting the walls along with the outer edges of the ceiling, so be sure to get enough paint for the entire project.

Measure the Ceiling Layout

To make your room appear taller, you will be extending the color of the walls onto the ceiling. So, you have to decide just how far onto the ceiling you want to pull the color. For the average 10x12 room, consider extending the color from the walls no more than one foot onto the ceiling. Rooms that are larger than that can go beyond the one foot mark without taking away too much of the ceiling color.

Measure and mark the ceiling about every foot or so to make it easier to tape the ceiling more evenly. Once you have your measurements marked, use the painter's tape to tape-off the parameter of the ceiling paint. Take your time with the tape because you want completely straight edges on the ceiling.

Note: You may need to get someone to watch you work from the floor so they can tell you if the tape is going on straight.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

Once the trim and ceiling has been taped off, cover the flooring with drop cloths to protect it from drips and splatters that will happen. Use an angled paint brush to do all of the trim work and corners where the roller will not work well. Then, use the roller to apply the paint to the rest of the walls and ceiling.

After the paint has dried, remove the painter's tape, stand back and enjoy the look of your new space.

If this is a project that you are not comfortable or capable to complete, contact your local painting contractor to have it done for you.

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