How To Prepare Your Home's Exterior And Landscaping For A New Coat Of Paint

If you’re thinking about painting the inside of your home, consider choosing pastel colors. The spring time colors will help you year round.

How To Prepare Your Home's Exterior And Landscaping For A New Coat Of Paint

22 March 2015
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A new coat of paint on the exterior of your home provides an instant facelift and increases curb appeal. You can repaint wood, metal or even vinyl siding to make it look fresh again. Your home and the surrounding landscape will require some preparation before you start painting, whether you plan to do it your self or to bring in a professional panting crew.

Clear Your Gutters

Clean gutters and roofs will prevent stains on the new paint job, while also making the actual job easier for you or your crew. Take some time to make sure the gutters are cleaned out and that there is no leaf debris or moss growing on your roof. You can wash the roof with a 10 percent bleach solution to kill any moss, and then rinse the entire surfaces off with a sharp spray of water. Not only will your painter's thank you, your roof will look better.

Start With a Clean Surface

A professional painting crew will likely clean your home's exterior with a pressure washer before they begin. If you plan to paint or do the painting prep yourself, you may want to skip the pressure washer unless you are skilled in its use. A single mistake can lead to splintered wood or a broken window.

Wood and vinyl siding will require a thorough scrubbing to remove dust. Brick and masonry needs scrubbed with a wire brush to remove dust and efflorescence before you paint.

Fix Any Damage

Any damage will also require repairs before you paint. Your painting crew will handle simple repairs, such as fixing and filling popped nails or sanding rough areas. You may need to perform more extensive repairs before the crew shows up. This include replacing broken siding board, fixing crumbling masonry, or filling large holes in the walls.

Manage Your Landscaping

Landscaping can ruin a new coat of exterior paint. Make sure all bushes and trees are trimmed back so they don't touch your home's walls. A full trimming can also make it easier for the painters to work behind the plants. If you have areas of exposed sand or soil nearby, cover these with tarps so the wind doesn't kick up dust and ruin the finish on the new paint as it dries.

Professional painters will protect your landscaping with properly placed drop cloths. These usually go in place during the preparatory stage, when they lightly sand your homes exterior to ensure the paint adheres well. Windows, eaves and other areas that aren't being painted are also covered or taped off, especially if the painters are using a spray gun to coat the home. A little preparation ensures you get the best possible paint job the first time.

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